May 4, 2012

China Teenagers Buy iPad and iPhone for One Kidney - huh??

As we know that the technology in these times is very useful in daily life for students, employees or any person, who wishing to keep abreast of what is happening in around their environment or in the world. But its weird to listen, when we compromise with our body parts for these technology.

Today iPhone or iPad is the main goal in life for some peoples and also became a vital need to acquire. One of these case has arisen in China where 5 people were arrested on charges of selling kidney to buy iPad, iPhone etc.

Recently a teenager was arrested who got $ 35,000 for selling his one kidney. He truthfully said that he was desperate to buy an iPad or iPhone that is why he sold his kidney.

China Teenagers Buy iPad and iPhone for One Kidney

Teenagers or people of china are ruining themselves and their lives also by doing this. They are not aware that it will harm them and the coming generations too.

The government should take steps to ban this illegal buiseness from all over the world for the sake of future generations.

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