Apr 27, 2012

He is Scary But Still a Human Being

Have you ever listen about  - "The Aghori's"?

The Aghori are a Hindu sect believed to have split off from the Kapalika orderin the fourteenth century AD. Lots of hindu peopls consider them as non-Hindu because of their taboo violation of orthodox practices. Read More About Aghori Peoples.

Today (April, 27, 2012) I met an Aghori person. He was looking like a ghost but another words, his personality is awesome in his way. He looked terrible and scary. "A tall and untidy man with hanging skull in his neck with dark red eyes, lost in his world, walking alone, looking no where, just walking and walking.

Aghori Peoples in India

Aghori Peoples in India 1

I was with my friend in his car when i saw him somewhere in streets of India. My friend stopped the car and ask me to click a picture of him. I was little scared but not much. I clicked his two photographs immediately. Then he came to us, first blessed us and then asked for food. I said we don't have food "BABA". Then he ask for money and offered us some good stuff by his side. You can't believe that he was asking for one rupee(One Cent) only, lol. We denied his offer just because of fear, lol. He wanted to talk more with us but my friend got scared and started the car. But Aghori Baba still stick with the car mirror of my side. My friend moved the car and leave that person away.

Lol it was scary fun for both of us. But it happens only in India..

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Blonde Berber said...

Thanks for sharing this and what great photographs. I am an English Aghori and I feel it is the most superior religion. You may have have benefited if you talked to him a little bit more.

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