Jul 6, 2012

How to Protect Yourself from Daily Fraud?

In today's world, Technolgy is everywhere and it has facilitated so many online tasks and transactions but it also have increased risk of becoming victims of fraud or identity theft, in which someone gets your confidential information to perform your name, withdraw cash or sell it.

Here are some tips that will help you to protect yourself from frauds:

Credit Card Frauds
Credit Card Frauds

1. Review the online transaction confirmation and account statements from credit cards. If there are any abnormalities, immediately report the authorities .

2. Sign all your credit cards and debit cards receipt and store them somewhere safe.

3. If there is any thefts by mistake, you should report immediately.

4. Do not leave your card in the hands of others.

5. Do not carry your card's PIN or Social Security number with you.

6. Do not leave receipts at the ATM.

7. Personal information must be destroyed, not simply thrown away.

8. Never reveal your account number or Social Security by telephone.

9. Do not answer the emails which asking you to confirm your information regarding bank account, updating database etc.

Phone fraud
Phone fraud

1. There are lots of frauds available through phone, scammers will call you that you've won a prize but you must send a token amount of money to confirm.

2. They can also call requesting for a charitable contribution and arguing that it is urgent to get this money from you to help poor people.

3. Do not believe the calls that offer you to buy shares which will increase the price the next day.

4. Do not give any personal information or credit card number over the phone.

Internet Fraud & Safety
Internet Fraud & Safety

Never download software from a dubious site or pop-ups serve, it will infect your computer, they can be a spy software installer, which can access the information from your computer.

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