May 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy III Competes Apple iPhone : Reviews

" Samsung launched new Galaxy III "

New Samsung Galaxy III has emerged as the biggest competitor to Apple's iPhone says by Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy and now Galaxy III  has goes for sale in Europe and the United States.

Samsung Galaxy III Competes Apple IPhone : Reviews

Galaxy III features a high definition touch screen which is almost twice the size as the iPhone but it is thinner and lighter than the Apple Iphone. The Phone and its features are showed by Korean company  at an event in London.

Galaxy III goes on sale in 145 countries with 296 telephone companies, which makes it the biggest launch of the company so far. In the U.S., Japan and Korea, the phone uses the fourth generation networks or 4G for faster data downloads. This new model of Samsung Galaxy distributed above the four national wireless carriers in the United States: Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy III will work with the Google Android operating system, like the previous Galaxy phones. S.Galaxy III processor updated to include four computing cores whereas the iPhone and most other high end phones run on dual cores.

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S last year, there is a speech recognition process, which make its one of the main selling points reason. Now S. Galaxy III also add this features of Voice Commands and all advanced features that Apple iPhone.

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