May 15, 2012

3D Earth Maps Soon in Apple

The blog devoted to Apple named confirmed that Apple has an incredible headline feature in development for iOS 6: a completely in-house maps application. Apple company has purchased the developer 3D Map C3 Technologies and speculated that such a purchase could lead to the inclusion of maps in the IOS operating system 6.

Apple ended the relationship with Google Maps since 2007 in favor of its own mapping service. The app that Apple would be developing for next system would be similar to the current operative Google Maps on iPhone and iPad but has been described as more clean, fast and elegant.

3D Earth Maps in Apple iPhones
In addition to C3 Technologies, Apple bought other companies to developing maps as Placebase and Poly9 with which it has created a base map that will be the envy of Google. C3 Technologies will work in view of the land for military and civilians and the most important aspect is the powerful 3D mode.

The 3D mode from the C3 technology is beautiful and realistic in graphics. Each pixel contains large amounts of information that allows the map to rotate or move in all directions in 3D.

According to Sources: Apple will introduced "The operative system iOS 6 - 3D Map C3 Technologies" in its Worldwide Developers Conference in mid-June 2012.

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