May 12, 2012

Would You Like To Donate For Obama's Re-Election

We know that President of the United States, Barack Obama is standing again for re-election. The polling is everywhere like "Will Obama be re-elected?" These results are average. Few peoples show love for his good work and also giving him best wishes to win election but there are some others who think that he doesn't deserve to be elected for  second time. His term has been fraudulent and ripe with corruption Or it will really be the end of the world if Obama is re-elected.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is also trying his best to win re-election. With the help of actor George Clooney and Washington officials, Barack Obama joined financial support for his re-election campaign.

George Clooney hosted a fancy dinner party with Barack Obama in his mansion Studio City in north of Los Angeles, where each guest paid $40,000 to enter. Hollywood actors Jack Black, Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr., Salma Hayek, Barbra Streisand and Tobey Maguire also joined this party and gave donations. The money collected from this party will be used for Barack Obama re-election campaign Funds.

Barack Obama said "They raised a good amount of money, because people still love him" (Joke).

George Clooney with obama

Robert Downey Jr. with obama

Jack Black with obama

Tobey Maguire with obama

Salma Hayek with obama

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