Mar 19, 2012

Smart Phones Possible ECommerce

The consolidation of E-Commerce, made possible by the culture of
 'Smart -phones'

Smart Phones Possible ECommerce

The arrival of the smartphones serve to bring e-commerce culture to a long hearing in Mayr, explained the vice president of PayPal Mobile, David Marcus, who believes that such transactions will be "much more intuitive" because of the touch devices.

"Many older people never sends emails, but is written messages through the phone constantly with her grandchildren," he told Marcus, who argues that "the Mobile devices are much more intuitive than any computer ever before. "

This is one reason why the company is betting on services like Paypal Here recently announced that through a free and a small card reader makes a mobile phone in a portable solution for payments it easy for small businesses accepting cards, checks or other transactions through Paypal without your phone receiver.

Marcus is aware that users in each country have "their own customs" at the time of purchase, so thinks fit "Adapting" services of the company each environmentThough, points out, "In all countries we find a pattern in common as far as mobile commerce is concerned: people want a simple and practical use, the restaurant jump the queue when it comes to pay."

With that goal have emerged as the closed agreements last week with the sales page tickets for shows, which allows consumers to avoid queues when purchase tickets with only Use PayPal on your phone mobile, a lead they have taken 15% of portal users.

PayPal was acquired by the U.S. e-commerce company eBay in 2002 and today is one of the most used payment systems with more than 106 million active accounts in 190 markets that can operate in 25 different types of currency.

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