Jul 10, 2012

Why Windows 8 is Faster Than Windows 7 ?

Tami Reller, The Manager of Marketing and Finance at Microsoft company, announced that the new version of Windows operating system i.e. Windows 8, will be available in the market in October 2012. The date was unveiled in the Conference by Microsoft Partners, which held this week in Toronto, Canada, which confirmed that the mass production of Windows 8 will begin during the first week of August. In same month customers enterprise enrolled in the program of "Software Assurance". They will have full access to renovate operating system and software giant will updated to compete in the mixed ecosystem of tablets, mobile phones and personal computers.

The company moved to Release the Preview of the new operating system which boots in 17 seconds and 21 seconds faster than Windows 7 .

Why Windows 8 is Faster Than Windows 7 ?

Windows 8 boots in 17 seconds whereas the previous version (Windows 7) requires 38 seconds to put into operation. The test were performed on a Toshiba R835-P88 computer with a 2.5GHz processor Core i5-2450m, 6 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and an Intel Graphics HD 3000. For both windows, 64-bit operating system is used. The 21 seconds apart in the boot between the two versions stated that Windows 8 is 55% faster than Windows 7.

Windows 7 has proven to performing tasks faster in file movement. For transfer a group of files of 500 MB, it will take 25.2 seconds, while the new version (Windows 8) takes 29.2 seconds. But moving a large file will have only small difference, Windows 7 took 46.4 seconds and Windows 8 took 46.8 seconds.

Windows 8 will come in 231 markets worldwide and in 109 languages. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft said that "This will be the biggest year in terms of launching product and service in the history of Microsoft company and creating massive opportunities for partners to grow their business."

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Anonymous said...

It boots comparably on 32-bit mode with the same, and Windows 7 is full of "bloat-ware" from it being used daily.

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