Apr 20, 2012

Secret of Living Above 100 Years

How to live long life - Nutrition is the main environmental factor that prevents the man to overcome a century of life.

Secret of Living Above 100 Years

Humans can live 130 years itself depending on their genes. Humans hard drive is set to overcome a century of life but environmental factors rarely exceeds one hundred years. Nutrition is the main factor in this. The relationship between our food and genes nutritiousness is concerned, a science has evolved in recent years and is presented in major research areas.

The humans ingest the amount of food needed to achieve the greatest possible longevity and touch the magic figure of 130 years. Well, proper and time-to-time diet keeps our body away from diseases and also gives lots of benefits. We should avoid fad diets. Eating more vegetables in diet is good for health and stops the chances of cancer too.

"So, the secret of living a long and successful is in your hands."

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