Feb 16, 2012

Eating Cats Is Legal or illegal ?

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It does not matter that your are Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian.

Well, right now i am  talking about Non-Veg. In Non-Veg, there are lots of things counts  like snake, crab, fish and many more.

But do you hear that, somebody, someone or somewhere people Eat Cats ? Any Guesses????.
Well, if you thought like me, then the answer would be "BIG NOOOOOOO".

15 Feb 2012 
A person named Jason Louis Wilmert from California was held in the Kern County Jail (CA) for cooking and eating cats. Jason's neighbor informed the police about this stuff after hearing the wailing and screeching of cats. Sheriff's were also shocked, when they caught Jason eating cat in his breakfast.

Eating Cats Is Legal or illegal ?

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