Jan 10, 2012

Top Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Top & Best To Visit Before They Disappear

The Maldives - is the lowest nation on earth and only 8 feet above sea level.

The Maldives

The Everglades USA - Farmind and Water diversion are threatening the 2.5 million acre wetlands.

The Everglades USA

Olympia Greece - The home of the first Olympic games is threatened by increases in wildfires caused by hotter summers.

Olympia Greece

The Valley of Kings, Egypt - Increased tourism and a damaging fungus are eroding these ancient tombs. They could disappear in 150 Year. It is desolate place in the desert and dug into a natural pyramid.

The Valley of Kings, Egypt

Venice, Italy - The city has long been sinking, but rising sea levels and increases flooding are making the problem worse.

Venice, Italy

The Dead Sea, Jordan Rift Valley - This salty and therapeutic natural wonder has shrunk by a third in the last four decades.

The Dead Sea, Jordan Rift Valley

The Poles - Artic ice has decreased by 3 percent per decade since the 19705. It ia prediction that in coming 20 to 40 years no ice will form in Antarctica.

The Poles

The great Barrier Reef Australia - This reef is 1500 mile long and can be seen from space easily. It is fas being bleached by increased water temperatures and pollutions.

The great Barrier Reef Australia

Taj Mahal, India - A corroding facade and rotting wooden foundations are undermining this mausoleum. Some claim it could collapse within 5 years.

Taj Mahal, India

Amazon Rain-forest, Brazil - Home to 20 percent of all planet and animal species in the world. It has shrunk by 373,000 square miles over the past 30 years.

Amazon Rain-forest, Brazil

If you are traveling freak then You must visit this place before they disappear.

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