Apr 30, 2012

Near Field Communication Payment System

Google and Apple are most popular brand. Both of them, always looking to get into the daily lives of people in a different way to usual, with means of payment.

Near Field Communication Payment System

Both Google and Apple companies want to invest in NFC technology for identification and payment methods in common transactions. For this, now BMW is one of the company interested in purchasing this offer, the keys of the cars are the 'hardware' of the device. Well, usually the car keys always carry anywhere and would be a good way to pay for any goods or be recognized in any hotel just bringing it to a reader.

Apple has been working in recent months to include NFC technology in the iPhone 5 . Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Android developer, presented a few days ago the new features in the next version of Android OS. One of them is this new NFC technology.

"LG also plans to enter this world NFC in mobile phones."

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