Feb 28, 2012

Hot Angelina Jolie's Leg is the Hype

At the Academy Awards Angelina Jolie caused a stir. Again and again looked out of her "dress hochgeschlitzten" right leg. As her "Hot Leg" is the hype. The Oscar-appearance by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie in hochgeschlitzten dress has caused such a sensation that her bare leg in the meantime developed into a star on the Internet. Not even an hour after Jolie was presented as a jury member on the stage her slim legs in full through the slit of her black velvet robe, Versace decreed, "The Leg" already has its own Twitter account.

Only a few hours later, Her twitter account "twitter.com/AngiesRightLeg" (via @ Roheena) gets 37,382 Followers There are some post which makes her too hot, like, Look at me, Don't forget about the leg, You have to admit I'm one hell of a leg and few more.

Hot Angelina Jolie's Leg is the Hype

The 36-year-old mother of several children took the provocative pose two times during the Oscars on Sunday night one: Immediately upon arrival, they set off a veritable flurry of camera flashes as she turned to the photographer. Since then her leg developed a life of its own: circulating on the Internet more and more photos of the Oscar-night, or current events, on which appears out of nowhere "The Leg".

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