Aug 7, 2012

Secrets of Apple Marketing : How to Get Success

The trial between Apple and Samsung continues to speak. One witness in the same has been the vice president of global marketing of the company Apple, Phil Schiller. The court has stated, reporting practices of firm when it comes to promoting new products. The Apple marketing chief has said that the company does not actually make any announcements about the products launched. Its advertising strategy is based instead on two pillars away from traditional advertising and the brand of apple will work very well.

Secrets of Apple Marketing : How to Get Success

For one thing left to do to Apple media. Allows through positive reviews of its products is believed to an image of them palatable to the consumer. In fact, the marketing vice president noted that the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple decided not to advertise for a short time after they went on sale. These reviews and news on the device, according to Schiller, made people speak of the device, fulfilling his role better than ads.

In the movies and Hollywood
"We love to see our products used by the stars," Schiller said to the jury, as recorded by Business Insider. This is another great asset to Apple devices try to position TV shows and movies that are to be seen by a large audience.

An Apple employee works with the Hollywood industry try to get the company's products are used in major productions.

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