Mar 30, 2012

K-3 Sisters Most Overexposed Celebrities

There is not a single day when in US media "Kardashian sisters" does not highlighted. We know everything that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are the most overexposed celebrities according to Forbes.

K-3 Sisters

Forbes has announced the list that contains the 10 celebrities who account for more resources. Kim Kardashian ranks first, the 8th is for Kourtney and Khloe is the 10th. The list has been done by E-Poll taking into account more than 6,600 celebrities and based upon 46 factors.

Kim has 65% of overexposure by E-Poll, which means 65% of respondents believe that is overexposed. The average of all overexposed celebrity is 5%. The tie is made using factors that measure a celebrity as the effectiveness of marketing the combination of awareness, appeal and others.

FACT - "If you want to be a serious actress, you may not want a high percentage of overexposure, but if you wanna be a star in the reality, you need those numbers," said by director of E-Poll.

Her competitor Lindsay Lohan ranks 2nd with a score of 64%. In recent years, Lohan has become known for his appearances in court than her films. Neither his way through Saturday Night Live or the end of their community service help.

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