Mar 29, 2012

Google Surpasses Facebook In 2012

The employees in Google are working for the Search Engine Giant Whereas, Facebook employees working for social networking Giant. After 3 consecutive years in which Facebook has surpassed Google but now a study has shown that the roles have changed.

Google Surpasses Facebook In 2012

Facebook was named the best technology company to work last year. But in 2012, Google is once again the king. After analyzing the comments on different aspects, Google has reached the note of 3.9 whereas Facebook rating is 3.7 . Facebook received the highest rating from its employees from 2009 to 2011 but 2012 is for Google.

Ratings are mentioned below from 2009 to 2011:

      Year     Facebook   Google
2009:        4.4             3.8
2010:        4.7             3.7
2011:        4.2             4.1

The rankings are based on a five-point scale where five means very satisfied, and one very dissatisfied. Google employees have given a score of 94 Page percent approval, which is slightly over 92 percent of Facebook.

The interesting thing that the salary is higher in Facebook, but the fees and bonuses are better in Google.

Workers in the network are concerned about the long hours and stress. The hard-work and dedication of employees of both the companies is the reason where the Google and Facebook stands today..!!

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