Feb 23, 2012

Low-benefit occupational pension barely In German

According to a recent representative survey by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) use many low-income earners not the possibilities of occupational pension schemes. Although well every third German is convinced that the company pension plan is important, but not even half of the respondents have actually completed a contract. Is mainly from the low-made of the possibilities of occupational pension schemes use: Less than 5% of households with net incomes of less than 1,000 euros to use the company pension scheme.

This provides the company pension scheme (in short: occupational pension) several benefits: Contributions are deducted from salaries, some of them are free of tax and social security. For statutory pension insurance is that they can deduct up to 4% of the annual income threshold of € 67 200 (ie 2688 for 2012 euros) from their gross salary. Due to the so-called deferred compensation from the gross income from which contributions are paid, reduced the personal tax rate of the employee.

Low-benefit occupational pension barely In German

Even saving schemes can be used for the corporate pension, which means that it is also possible without their financial outlay. The occupational pension contributions are always protected - both before the insolvency of the employer and the employee prior to unemployment. Because of these advantages, the company pension scheme is well, or as some experts say, even just for low wage earners.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Hanover, a total of 1014 German were asked about their perception and use of company pension schemes.

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