Mar 11, 2012

Safety Recommendations For Childrens

Safety recommendations before the start of school year

Before the start of the school year, parents should take some provisions and safeguards to ensure the welfare of their minor children.

Jose Escobedo Sayan Seguroc operations manager, gave recommendations to all levels, from the hiring a student mobility to the measures to be taken by school authorities for not expose minors.

If you hire a student mobility, it must be enumerated in the municipality , to offer guarantees as to who leads be a responsible and competent person.

Parents should be made for early take their children to school. That way, traffic will not prevent the school is left exactly at the door of your school.

If parents can not pick up their children, it is best to register the person in charge of it, to prevent children go to strangers. Schools must census of street vendors in the area, to prevent drug trade asolapada students.

The APAFAS can promote the installation of security cameras, which will be used to record the entry and exit of students, and also to capture the presence of suspicious pesonas.

The authorities should also undertake traffic to safeguard the lives of schoolchildren. Operating frequent and random to detect the sale of harmful substances and drugs near schools.

Safety Recommendations For Childrens 1

Safety Recommendations For Childrens 2

Safety Recommendations For Childrens 3

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