Jun 13, 2012

MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air

Apple has revamped the Mac-book range with important developments that affect the performance and capacity of their laptops.

Apple Mac-book PRO launched

The most outstanding Apple Company has a new generation of ultra-thin MacBook Pro. This Mac-Book is 18 mm thick and two kilos in Weight. Apple team includes the expected Retinal Display screen of 15.4 inches with resolution of 2,880 by 1,800, DPI 220 and just over 5 million pixels. This new laptop will compete directly with ultra-books. According to the Apple company, this laptop has the best resolution and has the most sophisticated design in the world's other laptop.

Apple Macbook Pro 2012

Mac-Book Pro will have small size, spectacular display, a CPU with Ivy Bridge i5 or i7 Quadcore that will go from 2.7 to 3.7 GHz depending on model. Company confirmed that the Mac-Book Pro will come to 16 GB of RAM at 1,600 MHz and have a capacity of up to 768GB SSD. Its battery will perform 7.5 hours and a total of 30 days on standby. It also includes USB 3.0 ports Thunderbolt, which in sum up one of the best laptops seen to date.

Mac-Book Pro is available in Apple stores with prices ranging from $2850 up to $3620.

Apple Mac-Book Air

According to news, The new Apple Mac-Book Air is also recycled for power with Ivy Bridge processors and i7 Core, 3Ghz. The memory of these devices will reach up to 8 GB of 1,600 MHz, far from the new MacBook Pro. Mac-Book Air graphics allow up to 60 percent faster.

Apple Mac-Book Air

The new generation of MacBook Air is the thinnest notebook Apple having flash storage up to 512GB. The notebook will have USB 3.0.

Apple has advanced several models of MacBook Air. Users can acquire several models, ranging from $999 up to $1,499.

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