Jul 2, 2012

The Successful History of Apple iPhones in 5 Years

Apple's iPhone is one of the famous and popular product launched by Steve Jobs and it's serving five years in the market surrounded by success. Today, Steve Jobs "father of Apple" disappeared, but in his time, he sold 250 million units with 120,000 million profit for the company.

On January 9, 2007, the late co-founder of Apple "Steve Jobs" introduced the world to a new terminal that promised to revolutionize the field of mobile devices and its name was Apple. The history of the iPhone was launched in 2005, when Jobs returned to Apple after he began to investigate these devices with capacitive screen. Apple created the iPhone exclusive collaboration of AT & T Mobility, at an estimated cost of $ 150 million over a period of thirty months.
The Successful History of Apple iPhones in  5 Years

The iPhone was more intuitive than the other phones and did not include a physical keyboard. No stylus is needed for iPhone, just your fingers in enough. The 2G iPhone was released in the U.S. on June 29, 2007, so it's been five years since the first time a consumer placed his fingers on the device. During that time, new upgrades, along with a number of controversies have arisen about the new concept mobile phone designed by Apple. The iPhone has five versions, divided into three generations. After the first iPhone 2G and 3G iPhone , Steve Jobs returned in 2009 to introduce a new and improved smartphone iPhone 3G. This new version of the third generation iPhone had the same design as the 3G, but it comes with improved hardware, with up to two times faster than its predecessor for loading web pages or run applications and also includes new 3-megapixel camera with auto-focus and video recording, voice control, compass and integrated support for Nike + iPod, Apple's multimedia player.

iPhone 4 and 4S

In June 2010, Steve Jobs again introduced the new iPhone named iPhone4. The fourth-generation iPhone had a new design both physically and in terms of hardware. With the A4 chip from Apple, includes 512 MB ​​of RAM, an IPS LCD panel for high resolution Retinal Display, 2 cameras, a 5-megapixel back with an option to record in high definition at 720p and the other VGA in the front to make video calls.
iPhone 4 and 4S

In October 2011, When iPhone 4S introduced by Steve Jobs, he was pancreatic cancer patient at that time. Tim Cook took a place of Steve Jobs. The 4S is an improved version of the iPhone 4 including Apple A5 processor dual-core, 8 megapixel camera that allows users to make better quality photos and making videos in high definition at 1080p. It also incorporates improvements in battery with an optimization of the duration. Ater than, the iPhone 4S with Siri, the voice recognition system 4S exclusive iPhone that allows users to interact with the terminal with voice commands launched.

Five years later, the promise of Jobs and Apple to revolutionize the world has come true, since all iPhone models launched have been a success.

"The iPhone has become a huge generator of cash and profits for Apple," says the executive director of Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston.

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