Mar 24, 2012

Most Ugly Dog in the World Die

When our beloved pet dies, 
It is generally correct to say something nice about them.

In the case of Yoda, a mixed breed dog, from Chihuahua, Chinese Crested is the best compliment was that it was extremely ugly dog in the world.

Most Ugly Dog in the World Die

 - Yoda won the "world's ugliest dog" in 2011 at the Sonoma Fair due to its appearance of short strands, tongue out and long, hairless thighs.

 - Yoda, who was 15, died while sleep on middle of March 2012 .

 - Yoda won a $ 1,000 prize and a trophy 15 times. Yoda became famous and appeared on national television.

Yoda caretaker named "Schumacher", who lives in Hanford, California, told the newspaper that he will miss the dog and funny customs very much. His memory will be with me forever."

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