Jul 13, 2012

Amazing Alex - The New Series of Rovio Games is Launched

"Amazing Alex" - The new series of Rovio is now available for IOS and Android from 12 July 2012. This is a license game acquired by the creator of Angry Birds game based on Casey's Contraptions, company ownership and Mystery Coconut Snappy Touch.

Rovio has spent the lots of effort, time and money to invest in Angry Birds in which birds want their stolen eggs back from evil green pigs. The saga of angry birds has created millions of fans worldwide. Rovio has spread these angry birds game by updating it from time to time, releasing new versions, extending the game to different platforms, such as tablets , Apple devices, Android and Windows Phone.

Now the company wants to go beyond the phenomenon of Angry Birds by launching Amazing Alex. The new Rovio game "Amazing Alex official trailer" is launched and the IOS and Android users can now enjoy this new adventure of Rovio, as confirmed gaming equipment through its official Twitter account.

Amazing Alex is an educational game focused on one main character i.e. Alex. Alex is a curious child who loves to build things. The game is to solve a series of puzzles by known domino effect, i.e. making some objects collide with others to move from one side to another.

The new Rovio game promises to keep users for hours in front of the screen of their smartphone or tablet.

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