Jun 6, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Exposed Accidentally

The American actress, recording artist and model "Lindsay Lohan" showed her breasts accidentally on the set where she recorded for her new movie.

The controversial actress is the center of attention during the filming of her latest film to expose her breasts accidentally, which were photographed by the paparazzi very observant and circumspect.

The incident occurred in the recording of a scene in a boat in which Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton made ​​her husband a tour of Naples, Italy. The scene was a struggle between the two actors and as the dress was low cut, left Lindsay Lohan breasts completely exposed .

It is not the first time happens to her but something similar happened in the at the same with a bathing suit and another time with a sundress. Below photo is taken by paparazzi who were at the site of the shooting.

Lindsay Lohan Exposed Accidentally

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