May 23, 2012

First Oldest Kidney Donor - Gifts Life to a Stranger

Nicholas Crace, 83 year old, A former director of the charity in the county of Hampshire (UK) decided to donate a kidney to the British National Health Service after the death of his wife in 2011, when he found more time to volunteer.

Nicholas Crace has also donated blood around 57 times on blood camp occasions and now, by donating a kidney to a stranger in Charity, he became the first oldest person in Britain.

In Telephone Interview, Nicholas Crace said that "I had an easy and comfortable life. I thought it is to refund a portion of my fortune. I had no one to depend on me for a long time."

As he knows that, he is too old to donate blood or bone marrow, so he finally decided to donate a kidney and he is also surprised to discover that he is not only Britain's oldest organ in yield but also have a native kidneys of  40 years.

According to the charity, There are almost 7,000 Britons, who are in the waiting list for a kidney and around 300 die every year waiting for a kidney donor.

Altruistic kidney transplants have been performed in Britain since 2007 and since then, Nicholas Crace is one of the nearly 100 people who has donated a kidney to a stranger.

Watch Nicholas Crace Interview - "83-yr-old UK Man Becomes the Oldest Living Kidney Donor"

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