May 1, 2012

Click and Share Life's Moments With INSTAGRAM

Instagram is popular photo-sharing application and add filters which give amazing effects to your clicked picture.

Instagram has arrived in Google Play (Android Market) and is available for download. Users who use gadgets equipped with Google's operating system (Android 2.2 or higher) may download this application from Google Play for free.

About Instagram
  • Instagram application works very simple.
  • Just take a picture.
  • Put filters that are preset to give effect.
  • Put the title of the picture.
  • Post it on the sharing network or social networks like Facebook, twitter and tumblr.

Android is currently the most used mobile operating system in the world and it is sure that everyone, who are using Android, is stuck trying to download Instagram and not to forget, who loves photography also.

Instagram photo-sharing application was launched in 2010 to the IOS operating system and a year later was named "App of the Year" in the Apple store.

Download Instagram For Android - Download Here

Here are my collection taken from Instagram:

Do The Dew

Nature with me

Click and Share Life's Moments With INSTAGRAM

Enjoying Life with Dew

Rainbow Instagram

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