Apr 6, 2012

New American Pie Soon

" 'American Pie' Brings New Adventures Soon "

American Pie is an adult comedy movie series which released in year 1999, American Pie confirmed the public's appetite for comedy "Class R" U.S., i.e. childrens below 17years should accompanied their parents while watching these movies.

New American Pie Soon

The film led to two other issues. The earlier releases of this series has done business 700 million dollars worldwide. Universal studio producer of the franchise, then declined in films series aimed directly at the video market before calling the team crazy for American Reunion, which comes out recently in the U.S. and between April and May in Latin America and Spain.

However, Universal has given opportunity to newcomers so that they can canvass their talent in big screen. They rediscover there emotions adolescents.

In the landscape of trash comedy as constantly developing, The Hangover, this version of American Pie looks rather good, although the recipe of the film is adult jokes and frontal nudity. Its authors said they did not want to make excuses for vulgarity.

"All comedy directors today face the question: 'How far can you go?' And I think the only ones that go too far are bad movies," said Hayden Schlossberg.

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