Mar 26, 2012

First Tablet with Windows 8

Lenovo Tablet is the first tablet with Windows 8,
First Tablet with Windows 8
which will be launching soon this year.

The hardware maker Lenovo would be ready to be the first to launch a tablet with Windows 8. Expected to do so in October2012, which is the date put forward by some sources to the commercial appearance of the platform. At present some of the major computer manufacturers have already shown that favor the construction of a device with the new system of Microsoft.

Lenovo wants to be the first manufacturer to market a tablet with Windows 8, when the platform debut, expected in October. So at least have pointed sources consulted by The Verge, affirming the existence of plans by the company to be the pioneers in this regard.

However, Lenovo is going to have competition because it is not the only one interested in getting an early tablet with the Microsoft operating system.

Meanwhile, the chief designer of Nokia has confirmed that the Finnish company works on its own device, expected to be launched in late 2012.

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