Mar 27, 2012

10 Millions Angry Bird Space Downloads In 3 Days

Angry Bird Space Downloads

Free Download Angry Bird Space For Free

The developer Rovio games confirmed that the latest installment of its most popular game, "Angry Birds Space" has succeeded in only three days to reach 10 million downloads. The new game in the Finnish struggle leads to angry birds and pigs green space, where the first will in turn gravity to recover their stolen eggs.

"Angry Birds Space" came on Thursday March 22 mobile Android, IOS and Windows and Mac computers. Rovio has managed to break all the records of "Angry Birds" and this expectation has become a flood of downloads.

"Angry Birds Space" has been downloaded in just three days since its launch 10 million times, surpassing the mark set by Angry Birds Rio-delivery made it to the 10 million downloads in 10 days. This was confirmed by Rovio in a 'tweet' on their official Twitter account.

"Angry Birds Space" is available in Google Play for free and rest mentioned are paid: App Store for iPhone, iPad. The adventure in space Rovio birds can also be enjoyed on desktop computers with Windows and Mac which is also paid. As for mobile devices, Rovio also confirmed, despite contrary reports of a principle, that "Angry Birds Space" will also Microsof mobile operating system, Windows Phone, and therefore also the Nokia devices.

Achievement: Rovio Angry Birds have achieved over 700 million downloads and is the game that has experienced rapid growth over the social network Facebook.

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