Feb 7, 2012

Romanian Model Loves Her 20 Inches Waist

Can you imagine a 30 Year Old Women with 20 inch waist ?

Some of you will know about this but number of you were unaware from this. I guess i am right.?

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A 30-year-old Skinny Romanian Model name Ioana Spangenberg, who live in Germany now, has natural 20-inches waist. She has 32-20-32 figure. She told that she got this waist naturally and there is nothing lack of appetite. She also revealed that when she was 13 Year old, then her waist was 15 inches.

Romanian Model Loves Her 20 Inches Waist

She is trying to very much harder to gain weight but her stomach is too small to digest much meal. Even if she eats too much, then she feel sick. She thanked her husband to encourage her for modeling industry for her skeletal figure.

She really wish to gain weight but moreover she is not disappointed with her figure. She said i am very much comfortable with my skin, body and figure. So, According to Ioana Spangenberg speech it is clear that, women should not feel bad or embarrassing on their unattainable sizes.

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