Apr 15, 2012

Obama Welcomes CUBA Free In Future Summits

According to the U.S. president, Barack Obama statement "They welcome a Cuba "free" in upcoming Summit of the Americas and stressed that the Cuban government still has not moved toward democracy and respect the rights humans. He also declared that "It is my hope that Cuba will see that what happened in countries like Colombia, Brazil and Chile. When that happens you will have open arms in America.

Obama Welcomes CUBA Free In Future Summits

Obama declared himself a "fervent believer in the principles" that are in the Inter-American Democratic Charter and noted he expects to see a "transition" in Cuba". Obama wants that the people of Cuba is integrated into the continent and its citizens to express themselves, also they can criticize their leaders, the president stressed. He also stressed that his position on Cuba "has not changed" in recent years, referring to those who contend that their inflexibility on the island because it is election year in the U.S. and Florida.

Obama reiterated the United States remains "neutral" and wants "good relations" with both the South American country as the United Kingdom.

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