Dec 25, 2011

Most Important Things To Know About CHRISTMAS

"As we all know Christmas comes every year. Its too much cold in Christmas time but people love to enjoy this occasion very cheerfully and eagerly wait for their fat Santa Claus wearing red and white hat. People expecting lots of gifts from each other (their mates)."

There are lots of more things to know about Christmas. Hope you really enjoy this article.

1. In England 1647-1660, Christmas was illegal to celebrate.

2. Christmas word originates from the old English term "Cristes maesse".

3. In Turkey, Peoples eat pig's head and mustard in Christmas night dinner.

4. Cake, Cookies, Candies are the delicious dishes were made on Christmas. 

5. Three masses held during Christmas - 1) Mid-night, 2) Dawn and 3)Day.

6. As the birthday of Christ, 25 December started being celebrated for Christmas only after AD 440.

7. Christmas is related to charity. Distribute gifts and sweets to poor is long lasting tradition in Christmas time.

8. St. Nicholas, a Bishop of Myra  was the original Santa Claus, who distributes sweets and gifts to poor children.

9. Earliest decoration for Christmas tree were apples. Large number of apple quality were grow in India (Himalaya Pradesh).

10. The song "Jingle Bells" was the first song which was broadcast from space by Astronauts Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford on Dec 16, 1965.

Merry Christmas

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