Dec 28, 2012

New Smartphone and New Tablet

Google is working with his new Motorola phone with a code name X-phone, which aims to wrest market share from Apple and Samsung Electronics, according to the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal , citing people familiar with the matter.

Google acquired Motorola last May by 12,500 million dollars (9,500 million euros) to strengthen its portfolio of patents , in order to fight its Android mobile operating system with several rivals.

The newspaper quoted its sources as saying that Motorola is working on two fronts: devices to be sold with the operator Verizon Wireless and X Phone .

Motorola plans to upgrade the X Phone with its recent acquisition of Viewdle , a developer of 'software' recognition of gestures and images.

The new device would go on sale sometime next year , said the business daily quoted a person familiar with the plans.

In addition, Motorola hopes to work in a bar of the same line, after the phone. It is estimated that Google CEO, Larry Page , has promised a significant budget to promote unity, according to the newspaper's sources.

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