Jan 15, 2013

Tablets or Smartphones Preferred By Mothers

A survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Ebates.com, confirmed that a large number of mothers who wish to receive a gift at the time nothing more and nothing less than a tablet, even some have been more specific and mentioned wanting iPad. 

Most usually, on the day of the mother chose to give flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and / or days at the spa, but many mothers have confirmed what they want that day, is a break from "mothering". Indeed the study has confirmed that the first thing parents want the typical gifts like jewelry and others. However, down 6% said they want a tablet or a smartphone , so for this year have to save a little more and buy what they (mommies) want. 

As you know there are many tablets that are relatively cheap and with enough features as the Kindle Fire and other pretty faces like the iPad but with more advanced tools. So there is no excuse to deny our mothers "in his day" a mobile device. Be very careful if they start to see technology magazines or are finding the price of smartphones on the internet. 

Personally I was surprised when my mother told me suspiciously that the Samsung tablet has interesting features, and it would be great to read all his books and browse your favorite sites, Youtube and Wikipedia. So attentive, our moms know more than we think. 

Tabltes or Smartphones Preferred By Mothers

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