Aug 1, 2012

Sign Up For by Microsoft

The company Microsoft has released, a new personal email service that streamlines the company's offerings. Since Microsoft has explained that provides a "cleaner look, less ads and less annoying" than its predecessor i.e. Users can manage their mail and know the news of their social networks through this service.

Sign Up For by Microsoft

Microsoft got his Hotmail platform had been done in an important part of the email market in the past. However, the arrival of Gmail and other services have to limelight the Microsoft platform. The company has been gradually introducing new and now has decided to create a new service that takes advantage of all these changes and provide a new experience.

According to company's statement, The result is Microsoft used the name of your mail management service to create a "new personal email service that re-imagines the way people use email. The new platform allows to manage all email from the web in a more efficient, will also include possible connections with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter . already available in advance so that users can test their possibilities. Microsoft has said that the most important advances that the company has achieved in areas such as the mail in the cloud, some of which had already been seen in Windows Live.

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