Jul 28, 2012

Successful Handwrite Tool For Smart Phones By Google

Google has launched Handwrite Tool - A tool that allows you to request information on your browser by typing with your finger on the touch screen smart phone or tablet.

From now onward, instead of using the virtual keyboard which appears on the screen of mobile device, the user can write with their finger using the entire screen surface.

Successful Handwrite Tool For Smart Phones By Google

The company's Mountain View (California) has explained in its official blog that the search Handwrite recognize handwritten letters which are transformed into digital text and provide results through a combination of this utility with the "auto", which begins to show results as soon as you enter some text.

Google has said that this is helpful at times to use the touch-screen keyboard which is more complicated for the user when it is in motion.

This feature is now available for mobile devices with operating systems like: Apple iOS (with version 5 or higher) and Google Android (version 2.3 or higher, in the case of smart phones and from the 4.0 for tablets).

"Google says that this option is very useful for writing on the move."

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