May 24, 2012

16 Months Baby With Small Artificial Heart

"Doctors save baby with a smaller artificial heart in Italy"

16 Months Baby With Small Artificial Heart

A group of Italian doctors saved the life of a baby of 16 months with world's smallest artificial heart implantation. This smallest artificial heart keep baby alive until a donor will found and underwent a transplant. Doctors at the Hospital Bambino Gesu in Rome said the operation was conducted last month and made public this week. The baby, whose identity is preserved is kept alive for 13 days before transplantation and is currently progressing well.

The Baby suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease that usually causes the shrinking or enlargement of the fibers of the heart. The condition gradually weakens the heart and stopping their ability to pump blood effectively. Before implantation, the baby also had a severe infection around the mechanical pump that had been previously placed to support the role of the natural heart.

Experts says "From a surgical point of view, the operation of baby is not really difficult. The only difficulty we are facing that the child had been operated many times before. The baby has a part of the family and our team is doing everything to help.

The doctors indicated a device to help the child, invented by American physician Robert Jarvik, which has been previously tested on animals. For this, the hospital needed a special permission from Jarvik and the Italian Health Ministry before proceeding with the procedure.

"God Bless The BABY...!!"

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