Jul 4, 2012

Gay Marriage Icons Found On Facebook

If Facebook users are married to someone of the same sex will now have an appropriate icon in the timeline which will match their marital status.

Until now, Facebook only accepted the icon of a boyfriend and a girlfriend but there is a new addition in Facebook that - The gay and lesbian couples can now use a representation of two boys in blue dress and two women in suits dresses in their time line, with the date they were married.

This update was seen this weekend (July 2, 2012) by the subscribers of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg named Chris Hughes who is the founder of the social network Facebook, who married with his partner Sean Eldridge.

Gay Marriage Icons Found On Facebook

A legal union between same-sex couples are recognized by civil authority. Meanwhile, the union is considered a strong, extended between two people living together, but no religious recognition. This figure is legal concubinage.

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