Jul 25, 2012

Flexible Displays in Samsung

Samsung is preparing for the production of Flexible Displays

Samsung is about to start the manufacture of flexible AMOLED displays that enhance their resistance compared to current models in addition to reducing its thickness and weight. The company will try to include the first flexible displays on a device to be launched this year , albeit with a glass cover to prevent it from being flexible.

Flexible Displays in Samsung

Flexible displays have been allowed to see various technology fairs . The major manufacturers have shown interest in this technology, which seems to have great presence in the devices of the future. These versatile displays, in addition to adapting to twists and turns offer greater strength and lighter than usual.

Samsung is one of the companies had shown interest in the screens of this type and it seems that the South Korean company is about to start building the first models. According to the newspaper Ddaily, Samsung will soon begin the manufacture of flexible AMOLED 0.6 millimeters. Current models are 1.8 mm screens so this is a major change.

It is expected that this type of display, as well as offer new possibilities for their adaptability, also stands out for its size and strength. The flexible screen that works in Samsung are thinner and stronger than previous models, making them especially interesting.

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