Jul 21, 2012

The Instagram effects Now Reaches the SLR

Fever 'Instagram effect' comes to the Lomographic cameras with the appearance of special lenses for Canon and Nikon SLR cameras that incorporate removable filters with different effects on a single goal.

The Instagram effects Now Reaches the SLR

Instagram has become more fashionable than ever photographic filters. Lomographic cameras have been a benefit from this fever in the field of 'apps' and are emerging mobile and special lenses for Canon and Nikon SLR cameras.

These filters can be achieved with an effect of "fish eye", with a maximum depth of field or conversely too tight. It also achieves the effect of a pinhole camera, tone down the saturation and brightness of colors and create the "plastic effect" or a super macro .

Lensbaby the peculiarity is incorporates your goals with separable filters, so as to produce different effects with a single goal. You can take different photographs like shocking and original.

The American company offers four objectives, "composer", "muse", "scout" and "control freak" . They have a series of springs that allow stretch and twist the mechanism in search of adequate depth of field. Filters that are incorporated inside cause aesthetic effects such as plastic, pastel, fisheye or macro. The main purpose of these objectives is to completely change the look of your photos, you can do with a plastic effect or fish eye.

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