Jun 19, 2012

Microsoft Tablet Surface Vs iPad

Microsoft has introduced its new tablet Surface to compete with iPad - 2012

The U.S. company Microsoft introduced its new tablet Surface and also declared that this tablet will compete with Apple's iPad. New Windows 8 is the operating system of the tablet Surface.

 CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer

The CEO of Microsoft "Steve Ballmer" presented the tablet with features and difference with iPad are shown below:

  • Surface Tablet has 10.6" screen - iPad has 9.7" Screen.
  • Its weight is 676g whereas Apple iPad is 650g.
  • It is 9.3 mm in Thickness - iPad has 9.4mm
  • Surface Hard Drive is 32GB/64GB - iPad 16GB/32GB/64GB
  • Surface Tablet is equipped with USB 2.0 and a magnesium case called "Mg vapor".

Moreover, user can add a keyboard to Microsoft New Tablet, which is made ​​of flexible material and available in five bright colors for those who prefer the conventional keyboard, digitally instead of writing on the screen.

New Microsoft Tablet Surface

Microsoft revealed that price of their new tablet Surface will be similar to the Apple iPad, between $500 to $850, depending on the model.

The tablet Surface will be launched soon in Outlets and Shops with actual prices.

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