May 9, 2012

Check Your Level of Ugliness via iPhone

Ugly Meter is an application in Iphone which measured 1 to 10, "the degree of ugliness" of a person after analyzing his/her photo using front-facing camera. This app is based and rate after scan your face like the distance between eyes, nose, mouth, ears and facial features. After scanning and rate your ugly face, it also stinging barbs like:

"You are hawtt..!!, you can make the sun jealous" (Angelina Jolie)
"If ugliness were bricks, you'd be the great wall of china" (David Cameron)
"U could walk through a haunted house & came out with a paycheck" (Brad Pitt)

Ugly Meter

Eugene Overline is creator of Ugly Meter. He explained that this app shows you that how you look on few cases like whether you have beard or not, how your eyes looks, hairs with different color or long and short. He said you should use this application at your own risk, lol. Do not take this application seriously, "Its just a game and for Fun"

This app is really fun loving app in the iPhone and most popular in UK and China with its top downloads. It is also available for Androids. The original Ugly Meter is priced at 99 cents and Ugly Meter Pro costs $5.

Download Ugly Meter

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