May 18, 2012

Anyone Interested To Buy Facebook Shares ?

The social network Facebook will begin trading today (18 May 2012) in the New York Stock Exchange with a starting price of $38 per share. It is above expectations and raising the value of the company to more than 100,000 million dollars, also the maximum history of an American company at the time of the offer. The share price gives the interest among investors, as it initially was set between 28 and 35 dollars the estimated range for the IPO and then it rose to between 34 and 38 dollars.

Facebook Shares

According to The Wall Street Journal - The total supply of Facebook is around 421.2 million of securities which allowing you to capture 18,400 million dollars at current exchange rates. Only Visa with 19,500 million dollars in its initial public offering (IPO).

The Owner of the Facebook "Mark Zuckerberg", who founded the company in 2004 during his university, will begin trading on Nasdaq under the symbol FB New York.

Currently, Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide.

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