Feb 25, 2012

Silver Price in 8 months 140 Percent Increase

The current price of silver has risen in just a few months by about 140 percent. Industrial demand for silver has also increased and currently is also increasing demand from retail investors. The price of silver in May is still in a steep upward trend. As late as last year in August, an ounce of silver was rated on the stock for about $ 18. In mid-April this year the price rose to over 40 U.S. dollars, the highest value of the last 30 years. This represents an increase of about 140 hereby percent within eight months. Was exposed to short the silver rally just short of a correction in January when the price dropped to a short depth.

Silver Price in 8 months 140 Percent Increase

The precious metal silver, is a hot commodity in the industry because it conducts electricity well and is used for example in mobile phones, computers, flat screens, home appliances and solar cells. In the wake of the economic growth of industrialized countries, the demand increases disproportionately for these industrial uses.

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