Jan 1, 2012

Go Crazy and Do Things Before The WORLD ENDS

World is going to be end someday. We do not know the exact timings, but its true. Everyone has their dreams (I, We, You and Everyone). 

Everyone wants that "Their Dreams come true someday or somehow". So here are few selected things to do before the  -  WORLD ENDS

1. Move to Mountains and enjoy the life from heights. Some people afraid from height. So why don't you try and enjoy the fearless life.


2. Plan  your vacations in Antarctica. We know its crazy but its really awesome. There are lots of things to see and do in Antartica like its history, Antarctica Marathon and Half-Marathon, Wildlife, Helicopter ride etc.

3. If some have fear from water and want to get rid of this fear than TRY "DEEP SEA DIVING", but be careful from the devils in water, lol. Its really adventures thing to do in life.


4. Run in the streets witho clothes (Its not compulsory). You can wear your shorts, if you have a fear that peoples will watching you.

Run in the streets

5. Adopt a pet and do care of  pet as long as you can. Little bit hectic but its sweet.

Adopt a pet

6. No counting in love . Forget the past and search for your present. If you don't have any past or present, then save your future. Fall in Love ASAP.

Fall in Love

7. Travel all National parks in the world and love animals. Animals are speechless but they are beautiful and lovable.

Travel all National parks

8. Be Happy and make others happy around you. Go anywhere but don't forget the smile on your face and politeness too.

Be Happy and make others happy

9. Night out with your friends in forest with empty hands and looking for food , drinks all around in forest.

Night out with your friends

10. Go for a movie  which seems to be very boring, flop and time waste.
Go for a movie


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